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Every Chimiver product is a set of several factors: from the in-depth study of its function to the analysis of every aspect that can make it more effective and longer lasting. These are the concepts that guide the Chimiver research in the choice of components, always among the new raw materials and accepting the suggestions of users.



Single-component adhesive based on a silane-terminated prepolymer (MS technology). Hypoallergenic, free of any hazardous label. Easy to clean. Recommended for gluing any type of traditional and prefinished wooden floors and suitable subfloors. Extreme (superior) technology than PU systems. Certified: EC1, CCA, Acoustic barrier, Heat conductor. Approved by the best subfloor heating system producers. Superb elasticity that last over the time. Can contribute to the achievement of QI CREDIT 4.1 according to the parameters of the GEV dated 03 March 2009, it meets the certification LEED protocol (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Glue for parquetGlue for wooden floorsSingle-component silane glueGlue for heated and cooled subfloors


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