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Every Chimiver product is a set of several factors: from the in-depth study of its function to the analysis of every aspect that can make it more effective and longer lasting. These are the concepts that guide the Chimiver research in the choice of components, always among the new raw materials and accepting the suggestions of users.

Solvent-based cleaning DILUENTE DNE
Solvent-based cleaning
Cleaning tools thinner for polyurethanic products
Water-based cleaning DILUENTE DNH 40
Water-based cleaning
Cleaning tools thinner for water-based products
Solvent diluting DILUENTE DMC 50
Solvent diluting
Pure thinner for polyurethanic lacquers

Adhesion promoter DILUENTE APA
Adhesion promoter
Adhesion promoter for ceramic surfaces
Synthetic DILUENTE DRV 1
For diluting oil-based urethane varnishes
Alcohol-based DILUENTE DS
Special thinner for removing fresh remains of epoxypolyurethane two-component adhesives

Solvent retardant DILUENTE DR 22
Solvent retardant
Retardant thinner for polyurethane products
Water retardant DILUENTE DR H2O
Water retardant
Retardant thinner for water-based product
Water-based liquid detergent DILUENTE PULIPAR W
Water-based liquid detergent
Water-based liquid detergent for removing of fresh adhesive from pre-finished wooden floor

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