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Every Chimiver product is a set of several factors: from the in-depth study of its function to the analysis of every aspect that can make it more effective and longer lasting. These are the concepts that guide the Chimiver research in the choice of components, always among the new raw materials and accepting the suggestions of users.

Single-component adhesive with a silanic termination (MS technology)
Single-component finish RESIN FINISH SPORT W1K
Single-component finish
Water- based acrylic finish for sportive floors
Two-component finish RESIN GREEN UP FLOOR 2K
Two-component finish
Two-component aliphatic polyurethane colored varnish for interior/exterior

Anti-slip refresher VELUREX FRESHEN UP SPORT
Anti-slip refresher
Water-based coating for intense maintenance of water-based lacquered wooden floors
Anallergic single-component adhesive with a silanic termination (MS technology)
Colored paint TRAFFIC LANE NT
Colored paint
Single-component water-based paint, for the painting of the boundary lines of flooring and multisport areas

Accelerant FASTER +
Accelerating additive for adhesives
Chimiver Panseri Spa UNISIL OUTDOOR PU
Chimiver Panseri Spa
Single-component polyurethanic adhesive with high thixotropy and elasticity for wooden floors
Natural waxes LIOS NATURAL WAX
Natural waxes
Blend of natural waxes for wood

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