Technical Sheets


Every Chimiver product is a set of several factors: from the in-depth study of its function to the analysis of every aspect that can make it more effective and longer lasting. These are the concepts that guide the Chimiver research in the choice of components, always among the new raw materials and accepting the suggestions of users.


Speciale additivo, a base di ioni d'argento, che aggiunto alle vernici a base acqua crea una barriera meccanica ad azione igienizzante. L'aggiunta di tale additivo mantiene inalterate tutte le caratteristiche della vernice stessa (durezza, gloss, viscosità, resistenze chimiche e meccaniche ecc).

Additivo per vernici all'acquaAdditivo igienizzante


Two-component water-based polyurethane lacquer with high solid content. High abrasion and sole marks resistances allowing its use for high traffic surfaces. Certifications: surface resistance to cold liquids EN 12720 and chemicals agents EN 13442. Determination of the Coefficient of Friction of floors - B.C.R.A. Method (Cycle ECOPRIME HS 120 + ECOSTAR 2K).


Two-component colored water-based polyurethane lacquer for wooden floors with high elasticity, hardness and high chemical and mechanical resistances. Has to be over-varnished with Ecostar 2K. Available in RAL, NCS colors and on request. To be used with teflon roller 10 mm.


Two-component water-based polyurethane lacquer with natural wood look effect. Recommended on light wood species. Nanotechnological.


Two-component water-based polyurethane paint formulated with special ionizing nanotechnological additives, whose paint film acts as a mechanical barrier that gives a sanitizing action (ISO 22196). For this reason ECOSTAR 2K Saniplus is recommended for residential use, particularly in public buildings (medical, offices, etc). Moreover, for all intents and purposes ECOSTAR 2K Saniplus is a two-component water-based lacquer with very good chemical and mechanical resistance. Ideal even in the presence of pets.


Two-component water-based hight durability polyurethane lacquer for wooden floors, characterized by high solid content, easy to apply, high pore wettability even on brushed wood floors giving a warm and pleasant shade to the floor treated. Has high abrasion and Black Heel Mark resistances allowing its use for high traffic surfaces.


Two-component water-based polyurethane lacquer with natural wood look effect. The wooden floors treated have matt, natural and antireflection effects. Suitable for coating dark and light woods. Excellent chemical and physical resistance, suitable for heavy traffic floors.