Technical Sheets


Every Chimiver product is a set of several factors: from the in-depth study of its function to the analysis of every aspect that can make it more effective and longer lasting. These are the concepts that guide the Chimiver research in the choice of components, always among the new raw materials and accepting the suggestions of users.


Special additive formulated with silver ions, that, when added to water-based lacquers creates a mechanical barrier with hygienizing action. ADDITIVO SANIPLUS -ADDI19W- doesn't alter any of the lacquer's properties (hardness, gloss level, viscosity, mechanical and chemical resistances etc).

Additive for water-based lacquersHygienizing additive


Single-component water-based lacquer for wooden floors with reduced content of volatile organic compounds. Has high abrasion resistance and to heavy traffik. CERTIFIED EC1 PLUS, Ü-Mark of Conformity. ECØ V can contribute to the achievement of QI CREDIT 4.1 according to the parameters of the GEV dated 03 March 2009, because it meets the certification LEED protocol (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The product has ECOLABEL certification ( european mark of ecological quality that confirms the Company’s commitment towards the environment.


Single-component polyurethane-acrylic waterbased UV curing lacquer in situ for wooden floors. ECOFAST UV has high abrasion and traffic resistances allowing its use for high traffic surfaces. ECOFAST UV is UV curing with portable UV machines where a fast walkability is required. Available in LD, SL and OP versions.


Single-component water-based lacquer characterized by a high solid content, high abrasion and traffic resistances, giving a warm and pleasant final appearance.