Research and Development

Each Chimiver product is a mix of several factors: from the exhaustive research into how it functions to the investigation of any aspect that could make it more effective and longer lasting. This is the way of thinking and research that leads Chimiver into choosing components to use from among all the new raw materials available, and into taking notice of suggestions from users.

Few have a laboratory as equipped as that of Chimiver's which can guarantee the chemical and physical properties of each product. Constant testing of the raw materials and during production and then the strict final trials ensure the quality of every product. Identify the optimal cycle of treatment, identify the causes of a problem during the installation, make practical demonstrations in our own permises on large surfaces, the application and the results - are just a few examples of what Chimiver daily do together with its customers. Only in this way Chimiver can satisfy customers' real needs. Chimiver realizes products that contribute to improve the quality of life, then pay close attention to the environment. This care is evident in the choice of adopting controlled machinery, more easily recyclable packaging and, above all, in the research dedicated to the formulation of paints with high solid content, water-based, solvent-free products, natural oils, ecological glues and adhesives.