Our Activity

Every Chimiver product incorporates a series of factors: from the in-depth study of its functions to the analysis of every aspect made to make more efficient and durable. This is the way of thinking and research that leads Chimiver into choosing components to use from among all the new raw materials available, and into taking notice of suggestions from users.


The real and specific needs of the user have guided our every technological choice aimed at ensuring, for each product, the maximum of consistent quality. For this reason, Chimiver has made major investment into new highly automated plants with selective control throughout the entire productive process.

Chimiver's ability to forestall and anticipate demand is a quality that marks each of its products. Commitment and the desire to develop new innovative products of the reasons and missions that always inspired Chimiver to strive for continuous improvement. For years, Chimiver has being offering its customers a wide range of products and services with the support of the young, dynamic and skilled team.